Dream Circle Saturday with Louisa Heyward: February 27th at 2:00pm

Our night-time dreams are reflections of our consciousness. They offer us healing from trauma as well as deeper connection to our soul, our creativity and our gifts. Join an online weekly Saturday afternoon workshop for anyone interested in opening to the wisdom of their dreams through the approaches of Embodied Dreamwork. This is a tradition which invites understanding not by looking to a dictionary of symbols but by feeling into our experience of a particular dream and exploring what associations and emotions it calls up within us. Meaning is individual and specific to its dreamer’s life history.


Participants are invited to bring one or several dreams to each session (recent or old). The class will open each class with a talk about how the inner world of dreams relates to our outer world. This will be followed by a contemplative exercise in which participants can explore dream moments via writing or drawing. After this, there will be opportunity for thoughtfully facilitated sharing. This workshop will go from January 23rd until March 13th. To sign up and receive the weekly Zoom link, click here.