Homebound Fun

TeachingBooks Book & Reading Engagement Kit: Home Edition. Open through September 15th, children and families can delve into the world of children’s and young adult books, read-along performances of favorite books that are translatable into 100+ languages, virtual storytime with 1,000+ complete book readings, interviews with thousands of authors and much more!

IS183 tutorials–the Art School of the Berkshires has video tutorials and printables for all kinds of projects with household items.

Google Arts & Culture–virtual tours, deep dives into a subject, ideas for experiments & crafts, etc.

Entertainment & Learning Resources–from Passion Planner, links to everything from creativity to mental health to art to…

NYS Arts Go Online–Family art projects to theater, independent film, opera, streaming house concerts and centuries of incredible painting and sculpture.

Print & Play Games for all Ages–Single & Multi-player, dice games, party games, board games, role playing games & more.

Norman Rockwell Museum Virtual Tour–Special exhibitions at the famous Norman Rockwell Museum are now available for you to peruse with ease.

Berkshire Museum @Home–Check the museum out for Daily Snakes and other fun stuff.

Virtual Field Trips –Exactly what it sounds like. Travel to zoos and other fun locales from home.

Visit Virtual Museums from Around the World–See amazing museums from around the world.

Junior Ranger Program–The outdoors aren’t closed yet and you can be a part of the Junior Rangers program. You can visit a National Park virtually and collect the badge through the mail. Collect them all through the comfort of your home.

Scholastic Resources–Login for 20 days of Educational Materials for Young Learners. You’ll need the Username: Learning20 and Password: Clifford

Board Game Arena–Play board games online with your friends.