Authors and Artists: Dawn Wallant: Saturday, November 16th at 3:30pm

Dawn Wallant is the Executive Director of Common Ground Dispute Resolution. Common Ground Dispute Resolution is a not-for-profit agency providing dispute resolution services in Greene and Columbia Counties. The organization provides trained mediators who work to resolve the differences on issues including family, housing, business, workplace, school, and neighbor disputes. Dawn Wallant serves as Executive Director, a position she’s held since 2001. Dawn has been a certified mediator since 1991 and serves as a lead mediator in a variety of areas, including family court mediation, parent-child mediation between youth and their parents, and Elder Mediation for seniors and their families. Dawn is a NYS certified Parent Education and Awareness Educator and Trainer. At Common Ground, Dawn supervises, trains and re-certifies a panel of thirty three volunteer mediators. This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Chatham Public Library.

From the Common Ground Dispute Resolution Website:

Our Mission:

“To provide the citizens of Greene and Columbia Counties with an efficient way of resolving every-day disputes.”

Since 1987, Common Ground has been under contract with the NYS Unified Court System to provide mediation and alternative dispute resolution services to Greene and Columbia Counties.