Girls Who Code: Saturday, March 23rd at 1:00pm


Girls Who Code 3rd-5th Grade Clubs are a community of girls who actively design, code, read, and explore together!  This will be a six week program.

Featuring activities, characters, and vocabulary drawn from the best-selling Girls Who Code books, 3rd-5th Grade Clubs expose girls to bravery, resilience, and computational thinking at the exact moment when research indicates that their interest is high. Girls will learn about the basics of computer science and about some of the ground-breaking women who use technology to create.

Each meeting will include fun, interactive projects that are unique to Girls Who Code. A typical meeting starts with girls reading together from a part of the book Learn to Code and Change the World and then discussing questions that relate to both the book and important concepts; bravery and sisterhood. The Club will then take on a creative challenge that relates to the chapter they read – either unplugged or online – to unleash creativity and individuality.

Any girls in 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade are encouraged to join if you’re creative, curious and want to learn more about how to make computers think. Whether you’re a beginner or a computer master, you’ll get to make new friends as you read and learn together!

Please call the library to sign up and begin your online enrollment!